Sunday, August 21, 2016

Puppies are 10 days old!

The puppies continue to do very well with three of them, teal, purple and light pink girls all breaking the 1 kg mark!  The others are gaining well too, just not quite a big as the three big girls!  Tia is enjoying some time now out of her box, but is still being a fabulous mom to her puppies.  The puppies still cannot see or hear, but their eyes should be opening soon!  They are super sweet and cuddly puppies!

Friday, August 19, 2016

The puppies are one week old!

Wow one week has flown by since the puppies were born.  They are a totally adorable bunch of puppies and are all doing very well.  Eating and sleeping and getting lost in their box.  Well not really lost, but they go behind Tia and can't get back out and have already learned that if they make some noise someone will pick them up and move them.  Clever puppies.  Tia is doing really well too and is a wonderful mom to her puppies.  She's quite proud of herself and her crew. The puppies still cannot see or hear but already like to get snuggles!  Teal is the biggest puppy and midnight blue is the smallest one!  But that can change as they grow!

Monday, August 15, 2016

The puppies are all doing well! The girl's rule litter!

Well it looks like we have had several homes that have decided that they will pass on one of our sweet female puppies and wait for a male puppy, or look elsewhere.  This leaves us with a few female puppies available from our current litter.  If you are interested in one of our lovely female puppies from our Rocky and Tia litter please contact us.

The puppies are all doing fantastic and Tia continues to be an excellent mom to her puppies!  They are all growing and doing what four day old puppies do.  They are all adorable.

Saturday, August 13, 2016

Tia's puppies are here!

Wow what a day!  Tia's puppies arrived on Thursday, August 11 and it was a full day affair! Tia did a great job and so far the puppies are doing very well.  There are 11 beautiful puppies!  With 9 females and 2 males, oh my that's a lot of sweet female puppies!  The puppies are all very beautiful and all of them are a good size!

Tia and her beautiful litter - day 1.  Tia's being a wonderful mom to her puppies.  

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Puppies are coming very soon!

Well we have good news and bad news.  The good news is Tia is very pregnant and has many puppies.  They are due on August 12!  We are all set up for their arrival.  Tia is still feeling very well considering she is almost as big as a house!  She is huge!  The bad news is that Ruby did not have any puppies!  We will breed Ruby again next year and hopefully she will have a puppies with Ruby next.  We are on puppy watch... and will update when the puppies arrive!

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Green boy is back in the canoe!

One year later and Green boy is growing up and is still loving being in the canoe!  What a beautiful boy he has turned out to be.  Green boy is from Ruby's and Teddy's litter of last year!  He is so sweet too!

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Wanderweg's Just a Gem (Ruby)

Ruby is an amazingly beautiful Leonberger.  She is so sweet too.  Ruby has a more laid back personality and takes everything in stride.  She is very friendly and loves people, but has a quieter approach to things than many Leos!  Ruby has beautiful movement and can carry herself very nicely. Ruby was also bred to the amazing male Rocky and her puppies are due on August 7.  This will be Ruby's second litter.  Last year she had four beautiful puppies.  If you are interested in one of Ruby's puppies please contact us.  We are currently taking reservations for our upcoming litters.

Wanderweg's Keepsake (Tia)

Tia is our tallest Leonberger and is a very big girl!  She is so beautiful and elegant, with lovely conformation and strong bones.  She is a lively girl who loves to swim and play!  She can swim for hours and just loves the water.  Tia is very friendly with visitors!  Tia has been bred to Rocky and we are very excited about her upcoming puppies.  The puppies are due around August 12 and this will be Tia's first litter and we think they will be beautiful smart puppies!  Tia is completely health tested and we know is going to be an amazing mom!   Please contact us if you are interested in one of Tia's special puppies.

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Don Ricardo de Valdelaguila (Rocky)

Rocky is an amazing Leo with a fabulous temperament.  He is so beautiful, sweet and friendly and loves everyone!  He is a large male with a beautiful head and black mask.  He is a total stunner!

Hopefully puppies are coming!

Wow we are very excited to announce we are hopefully expecting two Leonberger litters in August!

We have bred our beautiful Ruby (Wanderweg's Just a Gem) and the lovely Tia (Wanderweg's Keepsake) to the amazing male Rocky (Don Ricardo de Valdelaguila).  Rocky is an stunning male with a perfect Leo temperament.  He was born in Spain and was imported to Canada as a puppy.  He is so sweet and friendly and beautiful too.  Ruby is a beautiful Leo, with a very laid back personality.  She is so sweet and loves everyone!  Tia is an amazingly beautiful Leo with a very fun loving personality.  She is very athletic and loves to run and play!

We are very excited about both litters.  Ruby's puppies are due around August 7 and Tia's around August 12.  All dogs have all their health clearances, with OFA good hips and normal elbows.

Please contact us at wanderwegleos (at) if you are interested in one of our summer puppies.    We currently have some space on our reservation list.

Ch Wanderweg's Jolly Jumper!

Wow what an amazing show season so far for the lovely Niamh (Ch. Wanderweg's Jolly Jumper).  She is doing so amazing in the show ring, with at least one group placement for each show she has been to! That's incredible for a Leonberger!  She is so beautiful!  We are so proud of Niamh, her handler and her owners!  Niamh is a litter sister to our beautiful Ruby!


Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Riding in a canoe!

Puppies have their critical socialization period up to around 12 weeks of age, and a puppy in the first 12 weeks should experience as many positive things as possible, especially activities that the puppy will likely do as an adult.  Here is Green boy in his new home learning all about riding in a canoe!  He's looking pretty relaxed about the entire event. No problem it seems a canoe is a very comfy place to have a little nap!  Too cute!  Such a good puppy.

Saturday, August 8, 2015

The fab four are almost 8 weeks old!

The puppies are awesome.. such lovely puppies.  They are really growing up now!  They are gorgeous, friendly, inquisitive and bright.

Blue boy 8 weeks!

Blue boy 8 weeks!

Green boy 8 weeks!

Green boy 8 weeks!

Purple girl 8 weeks

Purple girl 8 weeks

Red boy 8 weeks!

Red boy 8 weeks!

The fab four are 7 weeks old!

Blue boy 7 weeks old!

Green boy 7 weeks old!

Purple girl 7 weeks old!

Red boy 7 weeks old!

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

The fab four at 6 weeks!

Purple girl

Green boy

Blue boy

Red boy